November 12, 2010


"Peace and happiness are available in every moment.
Peace is every step. We shall walk hand in hand.
There are no political solutions to spiritual problems.
Remember: If the Creator put it there, it is in the right place.
The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears."
Tell your people, that since we were promised we should
never be moved, we have been moved five times.
An Indian Chief, 1876.


"Traditional people of Indian nations have interpreted
the two roads that face the light-skinned race as the road to
technology and the road to spirituality. We feel that the
road to technology.... has led modern society to a damaged
and seared earth. Could it be that the road to technology
represents a rush to destruction, and that the road to
spirituality represents the slower path that the traditional
native people have traveled and are now seeking again?
The earth is not scorched on this trail. The grass is still growing there."
William Commanda, Mamiwinini, Canada, 1991


  1. Hello dear Eddie!
    Its Ann from the Wordpress.
    Now Im beginning here.
    You write intressting words.
    Have a great week. Hug Ann

  2. Good to see you anywhere dear Ann. Happy we are able to finally reconnect. Started on Blogger alittle myself. Have a Sunday full of smiles...

    p.s. words and pictures are reproduced

  3. Piękne słowa o pokoju,który zależy od nas ludzi.Nowe techniki sąpotrzebne,lecz poto mamy swóje myślenie,by móc rozumnie z nich korzystać...pozdrawiam

  4. Technology is certainly something of a mixed blessing! Kind of a case of we can't live with it and we can't live without it!

  5. Hi Eddie
    We don't celebrate thanks giving here in New Zealand actually I don't even know what it is all about really, must google it for the reason behind thanks giving.

    Hugs Lady Jude

  6. Comments are more than welcome! they are expected...don't be shy
    For those who have; Thank You For Sharing

    Love, Peace, and Good Health to All

  7. Hello Eddie!
    Thank you for your kind words on my page.
    Wish you a really nice weekend!
    Hugs Ann

  8. Dropping in Eddie and Hope that Peace and Happiness have found their balance once more within your World of love and light.... Yes ever changing cycles of energy as we all are brought into the balance we need at this time of Earth Changes.. And the Moon is helping open our emotional souls as we wax and wane in the flow of the universal path of Light and Dark..
    Thank you for your comments upon my post of Positive thought,, I am happy to say I am once again more Positive...
    Thank you Eddie my friend :-) Dreamwalker

  9. Hello dear Eddie!
    Hope all is well with you.
    Here we hawe a real winter.
    Wish you a really nice weekend filled with
    peace and harmony.
    Hugs Ann

  10. Pokój i wędrówka ludzi-tak masz rację te dwa zjawiska występują zawsze w czasie wojny.My Polacy doświadczyliśmy tego boleśnie.....pozdrawiam Krystyna