June 17, 2011


What a great fortune it is to have inherited my dad's tools.

 He was good with his hands and choose his tools wisely.

My hands now touch these tools that he once used and at times

 feel his hands on them. It is quite an assortment of tools. He possessed open wrenches

 and socket wrenches, various files, hammers, screwdrivers of all sorts and sizes.

They have helped me many times with all sorts of projects. Today when something

needs to be done these tools provide just the right help because they were chosen

for strength, ease of use, and durability. Every time they are in my hands I think

of him and ask for his advise.

Sometimes a project is not started for weeks.

I know he is giving it some thought. There is something unknown that will alter

the situation this way or that way and what I know about it will change. 

 Whenever is started will be finished in a timely fashion; thanks to the tools

 my dad left me.  

My dad speaks louder through the tools he left behind then

 he ever did while he was alive. These tools tell me more about him then

he otherwise shared with me.


  1. You stopped me in my 'thought' tracks, Eddie, as soon as I started reading your words about your Dad and his tools. My grandad was the same, and my ex's father, it seems a man's collection of tools says so much about the person himself and is almost a direct connection to them when we have need. They're a 'direct link' to our memories of them. Worth their weight in gold and more I say.
    Many thanks for your kind words about my Bess, I find I can smile at her remembered antics, but as I am now, I cry at the thought that she's gone. Acceptance is the key I know, but for the moment I'm just accepting that I miss her. Take care my friend. xPenx

  2. My husband inherited his father's tools, and I inherited my father's photos and military memorabilia...Every day I feel them watching over us and gently guiding in down the path of life. Your words are beautiful!

  3. Dear Eddie,
    Yes, the memory lives on in the inherited things.
    I think you get a kind of retrospective view of life
    It gives a perspective and even humility.
    Take care

  4. I understand fully.. I do.

    Thanks for your visit.

  5. I don't know how I missed this lovely entry when I was here reading you the other day...it made me think of my dad, and how he'd make things that, to a little girl of three or four, seemed like magic...he would look at a space in my mother's kitchen and to me it was like he was imagining how a shelf or a cupboard would look or fit there...next thing I knew he'd made the shelf or cupboard and it fit perfectly...allaround his work bench would be all these very neat stacks of this and that..wood and tin, and I'd ask him what they were for...he said he didn't know but something would come to him and it usually did..it must be so comforting to feel your father's presence in his tools and to know that he is with you still, guiding what you do and how you make things...it lifts my heart to know you have such a blessing in your life..stay well, my friend. love, Cathy.

  6. Hey Eddie!
    Want to wish you a very nice week.

  7. I have so many of my mothers old kitchen appliances and let me tell you they are old. It's wonderful to have useful things left by them to wrap your hands around and be kinded and remember them by. Wonderful sentiments and words you have shared. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Carrie

  8. This brought back so many memories! In my family tools (and handing them down) were quite important. I even have my mothers "tools" from the kitchen and still cook with them. In this case I'm talking about cast iron and it's all I cook with. I'm lucky to have them! My father had beautiful tools and handed them down just like my grandfather on my mother's side. Thanks for making me think of beloved useful things that I treasure very much and look forward to handing down myself some day. That and all the mememories that go with them! Big hug! ♥

  9. Many thanks to ALL KIND FOLKS who responded to this re-work from the past. as suspected it DID draw more attention!
    perhaps putting it here on 'Blogger' had something to do with it too.
    love you all,