July 4, 2011



  1. Hello dear Eddie!
    A picture says more than thousand words.
    Captivity is cruel man gear.
    You wish that man would be wiser in accordance with the development,.
    But not, it becomes more subtle in its cruelty.
    What we can do, is try to organize ourselves together against all oppression.
    I'm godfather to a foundation near where I live. They work to save and preserve endangered animals.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Here's the address: www.nordensark.se.

  3. One more thing, while we are celebrating our freedom, many are not. I like your style Eddie. I hope your Summer is nice. ♥

  4. Freedom should never be taken for granted. We are fortunate, but many are not. Even those who cannot speak for themselves...it is good to be reminded...lest we forget.
    Thank you Eddie and I hope you had a splendid 4th of July.
    Warm feathery,

  5. I was taken back by this picture
    upon first viewing it. I was searching for pictures to represent 'freedom'. nature IS my guide with messages regularly

  6. As always it tears at my heart to see animals behind bars or cruely killed. I just watched Gorilla's in the Mist or whatever the name of the movie was. Sorry not much for remembering names of stuff. I often find when man can mistreat or confind an animal, he could easily do the same to his own species. We are all often prisoners behind some sort of bars. They come in many forms. But thru freedom many of us do have the options to remove the bars we are selfs often put around us. Ok I am going here and there, but the photo evokes so many different feelings. Wonderful choice of photo to represent life without freedom. Wishing that all the bars in our hearts and minds can be released and be free again. Hugs Carrie